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Crafting Quality Beverages With YOU in the Heart of Downtown Tillsonburg

Est. 1993

Wine Crafting

Tillsonburg’s Finest Wine Crafting Experience

What sets exceptional wine apart? It all boils down to top-notch ingredients and a dash of extraordinary craftsmanship. Here at the Wine & Beer Studio, we've been crafting the finest beer and wine experiences in Tillsonburg since 1993.

Our expertise has earned us recognition from the Craft Wine Making Academy, a testament to our commitment to excellence. We cater to both the on-premise and homebrewing communities in Tillsonburg, and our dedication to our craft begins right in the vineyard. The result? Impeccable flavor and unrivaled freshness in every batch of wine and beer we create.

Beer Making Kits

Cost-effective, compact and flavorful beer making kits just for you!

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