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Wine Crafting

All About Tillsonburg Wine & Beer Studio 


Established in 1993, the Tillsonburg Wine and Beer Studio has a rich history of serving our community. Originally known as the local "Mr. Beer U-Brew," we specialized in beer-related products. However, as the years passed, we embraced evolution and expansion.

Meet Carlos, a dedicated member of the team since 2009, who took ownership in 2011. Carlos is passionate about the art of crafting wine, beer, and cider, and he finds genuine joy in helping our valued customers bring their creations to life right here at the Wine & Beer Studio.

Today, the offerings of the Wine & Beer Studio have grown to encompass Wine, Beer, and Cider Making, as well as a Water U-Fill station featuring high-quality Reverse Osmosis water. We are committed to providing convenient options for both personal and business needs, including Reverse Osmosis Water sales and delivery services.

For those who share our passion, our store features an extensive variety of wine, beer, and cider kits, allowing you to take the craft home with you. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support with all the necessary equipment and supplies for your wine, beer, and cider making endeavors.

Join us in celebrating the art of craft beverage creation at the Wine & Beer Studio in Tillsonburg Ontario, where dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is at the heart of all we do.

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